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Hair Removal

Esthetetics by Felicia

Before your appointment:

1. Exfoliate day before waxing.
2. Make sure area is clean. 
3. Must have 1/4 inch of growth.
(Approx. 2 weeks worth or the length
of a grain of rice.)

Brow Cleanup
Half Leg
Full Leg


After your appointment:

1. Moisturize with unscented oil or lotion.
2. On the 3rd day after waxing, start exfoliating 2-3 times/week 
3. Avoid swimming, hot showers and saunas for the first 24 hours.
4. Avoid exercise and tight clothing as these can block pores and promote ingrown hair.


Bikini Wax
all the hair just inside where the bikini would normally sit.

Brazilian Wax
front to back including a butt strip. choose to leave a strip, triangle or go completely bare. 
*Underwear must be removed for this session.

*Bikini and Brazilian waxes are female only service.

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